From Asia Venture Capital to Venture Creation: The Rise of Venture Builders in Asia

Posted By Moktadir Alam on February 16, 2015

As Asia's tech startup ecosystem continues its rapid development in 2015, a new and emerging class of startup is hitting the scene - venture builders in Asia. These are companies that specialize in building other companies. Also referred to as company builders, startup builders, venture factories, and startup factories, a venture builder is a firm or company whose business is the creation of new companies. A few years ago, Asia venture builders wouldn't have been possible. The lack of a deep bench of entrepreneurs, software coding talent, angel capital flows, and friendly regulations in most…

Venture Capital Asia is Back and the ASEAN Tigers Have Returned!

Posted By Lynette Tan on February 9, 2015

According to a recent report by T&I Financial Research, Asia private transaction volumes in the venture capital, private equity, and corporate M&A spaces had a big year in 2014 lead by China and India but also with a strong showing from the ASEAN Tigers otherwise known as Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand. In other words, Asia venture capital is very much on the rise fuelled in large part by the Southeast Asia Tigers. Overall 2014 was a strong uptrend growth year driven in part by the growth venture capital in Asia. Transaction totals…

A Noticeable Acceleration in ASEAN Venture Capital

Posted By Admin on September 22, 2014

Accompanied by an elevated understanding of the private investment model by entrepreneurs and increased investor confidence and savvy, Southeast Asia venture capital is coming of age with a promising outlook for 2015. This sentiment was reinforced by Ernst and Young's annual survey of venture capital and private equity investors in the region. 76% of participants believe that private equity investment in the region would continue to flourish due to an increasing abundance of investment opportunities in Southeast Asia along with redirected capital flows resulting from rising valuations of the developed markets. Participants in the Annual…

Improving Venture Capital and Private Equity Scorecard for Southeast Asia August 14, 2014

Posted By Admin on August 14, 2014

The venture capital and private equity markets in Southeast Asia are undergoing a rapid evolution and expansion as 2014 provides markedly improved and attractive fundamentals for investors. The broader Asia Pacific region is the second most attractive region for private fund investment (F1). Component to this, Southeast Asia's attractiveness is being driven by (1) Regional heavyweights China and India experience decelerating growth and (2) China is struggling with reduced liquidity for its previously robust IPO market resulting from the restrictions to its share class local currency market 2013. Illustrating this is the leading indicator of…

Upgraded 2014 GDP Forecast Driving Interest in Venture Capital in Thailand

Posted By Admin on August 22, 2014

Goldman Sachs' recently released GDP and economic forecasts for Thailand following last week's decision to leave interest rates unchanged by the Central Bank. In doing so, Thailand's Central Bank reiterated that this level is necessary and sustainable in the near term as the economy recovers from a first half 2014 that was affected by internal political turmoil and poises itself for a rebound in the second half 2014. While growth over the last twelve month period ending second quarter 2014 is slightly negative at 0.8% year over year, growth has increased marginally from the first…

UBS Thinks Now is the time for Southeast Asia Ecommerce

Posted By Admin on July 9, 2014

According to a recent UBS Global Research investment report, the ASEAN nations (Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand) are on the cusp of rapid acceleration in mobile commerce. UBS argues that despite minimal credit card penetration, inefficient supply chains, inhibitory regulations (both customs and taxes) and limited internet coverage, that the ASEAN nations are now reaching an inflection point for internet penetration and ecommerce due to the rollout of 3G and more affordable devices leading to mobile devices representing over 50% of internet traffic. UBS thinks that internet users in Southeast Asia are generally…

Myanmar FDI, Private Equity, and Venture Capital on the Rise 2014

Posted By Admin on June 30,2013

A well-managed Myanmar could grow its economy to $200 billion by 2030 while creating over 10,000 jobs outside of the agricultural sector. Such expansion would rely on a sustained GDP growth rate of 8%; only achievable by increasing labor production growth from its current 2.7% to 7% annually. These figures were released in a recent report by the McKinsey Global Institute, a research arm of McKinsey and Co. Several factors potentially fuel Myanmar's productive capacity: a work force of 46 million, an untapped economy with potential for massive growth, a market of nearly a half…

Vietnam's Internet Consumer is on Fire and Driving Interest in Venture Capital in Vietnam

Posted By Admin on June 15, 2013

Vietnam's consumer internet ecosystem continues its rapid development according to a recent report by New York market research firm eMarketer. An example of this rapid acceleration - the Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) reports people with ready access to broadband in the Country has gone from 10,000 people in 2003 to 4.3 million in 2013. With over 35% of the country's population presently accessing the internet and mobile phone usage targeted to reach well over 90% of the population by 2020, the stage is set for dynamic development of the ecosystem around this robust…

Southeast Asian Venture Deal Flow Acceleration and Price Inflation

Posted By Admin on May 15, 2014

Southeast Asian private equity as an asset class is widely expected to outperform the rest of Asia Pacific in 2014 and 2015 according to a recent 2014 Bain & Company survey of Asia Pacific private equity firms. The survey revealed that respondents are optimistic returns will remain attractive and well over half the respondents expect deal activity to increase over the period by at least 10%. The drivers of these robust return expectations? Southeast Asia's continuance of a multi-year transition with strong growth fundamentals, ample capital ready to invest and hungry investors pushing into the…